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Alzheimer’s Patients Now Less Likely to Receive Biogen’s Aduhelm Treatment

The company slashed commercial support for the drug after Medicare and insurers limited coverage

Biogen’s Aduhelm is the first approved treatment for early stage Alzheimer’s patients that may be able to slow the disease. WSJ explains how the drug interacts with brain cells, and why some doctors aren’t ready to prescribe it yet. Illustration: Jacob Reynolds

People with Alzheimer’s disease will be less likely to receive Biogen Inc.’s Aduhelm treatment because of the company’s decision to slash commercial support for the drug in the face of restricted reimbursement by the U.S. Medicare program and other insurers.

The Cambridge, Mass., company said Tuesday that it is eliminating its “commercial infrastructure” for Aduhelm. It will maintain minimal resources to provide the drug for patients currently on the treatment at no cost.

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