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Fearful of Getting Cut Off, China Pushes for Self-Reliance

Its much larger economy is more difficult to cut off than Russia’s but that doesn’t make it bulletproof

In February, Russia’s President Vladimir Putin and China’s Xi Jinping declared that their friendship had no limits. Now, the war in Ukraine is testing that relationship. WSJ’s Shelby Holliday explores how the war in Ukraine is weighing on Beijing. Photo: Associated Press

Like his predecessors who built the Great Wall to thwart foreign threats, Chinese leader Xi Jinping is raising ramparts to make his nation more self-reliant, a mission has made more imperative.

China has pumped billions of dollars into semiconductor production, stockpiled grains and oil, and established international links to its financial system. At the root of the push is the fear of getting blocked out of Western economies by heavy penalties of the sort the U.S. and European Union have thrust at Russia.

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